Newsletter Winter 2019

Hello Health Science Educators!

The hustle and bustle of the holidays is now past us and we are all back at school doing what we love…educating our young scholars. I find that my health science scholars are truly struggling with their writing skills. I have started to dive deep into some close reading techniques for anything from a poem or short article. As I searched for articles, I came across this poem from Maya Angelou, “On Aging”. I had the scholars read, then read again, then annotate, then we discussed. I found it was a simple poem to practice this technique and timely because we were about to enter the clinical rotation for the nursing home. I am sending it to you, feel free to use, and if you have any questions or want to input some literacy techniques you are doing, I would be happy to feature it in these newsletters. Please find the poem below:

On Aging
“When you see me sitting quietly, like a sack upon a shelf,
Don’t think I need your chattering. I’m listening to myself.
Hold! Stop! Don’t pity me! Hold! Stop your sympathy!
Understanding if you got it, otherwise I’ll do without it!
When my bones are stiff and aching and my feet won’t climb the stair,
I will only ask one favor: Don’t bring me no rocking chair.
When you see me walking, stumbling, don’t study and get it wrong.
‘Cause tired don’t mean lazy and every goodbye ain’t gone.
I’m the same person I was back then, a little less hair, a little less chin,
A lot less lungs and much less wind.
But ain’t I lucky I can still breathe in.”

– Maya Angelou

Please do not forget to nourish your mind, body, and spirit with healthy food and exercise. I feel we forget about ourselves and it is important we keep healthy inside and out. One thing that I have incorporated within my classroom, and with colleagues is a wellness calendar ….here is a sample. Collaborate with students or colleagues and create one for your classroom…it can sometimes make a difference. Remember, you are important too ….you are loved ….you are valued!

  • Monday – Try relaxing for two minutes before your students arrive in the morning. Visualize the day ahead going as well as possible because this is good for the soul.
  • Tuesday – At the first break of the day step out of autopilot and clear your mind by eating a piece of fruit mindfully. Focus on the experience of eating without multi-tasking or your mind wandering.
  • Wednesday – After work or during lunch go for a walk on your own. Focus on what you see, smell, hear, taste, and feel. Do not use the time to make plans or dwell on problems.
  • Thursday – Half way through the day, why not reduce muscle tension? Tense your shoulders without straining, and then relax while breathing deeply. Feel the stress fading away.
  • Friday – Avoid the enemies of sleep. Keep a regular sleep schedule, have a relaxing bedtime routine, eat healthily and get regular exercise.

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I wish you all health and wellness, if you need anything from a lesson plan, idea, or support….please reach out.  If you wish more involvement in Health Science Division, please just ask….we would love to have more members involved.  I would love to hear your suggestions and feedback, so please email me.

Thank you for all you do!  Wishing you love and peace always.

Linda Romano